Friday, June 8, 2012

It's getting warmer...

With the summer solstice just weeks away, are you prepared for the wardrobe shift? Or are you still wearing last season's fashions? Well, here's a blog post to give you some ideas for the upcoming season. According to Glamour Magazine, this summer is going to be the "sexiest era yet" for your wardrobe.

Bold colors, such as red, are a trend that will be hot this season. When wearing red, it is suggested to wear matching red lipstick for a look that could kill.

Miu Miu spring/summer 2012

One popular summery looks are the maxi skirts and dresses. These bohemian, floor-length garments have been seen all over the place lately, and the light fabric is ideal for the hotter temperatures.

How about a simple way to keep cool this summer - bring the shade with you! With oversized hats, keep the sun out of your face while still looking trendy.

As seen on many celebrities.

Carolina Herrera
One trend that's bleeding through from spring to summer is sporty couture. You can't go wrong with light fabrics and neon colors this season.

Marc Jacobs summer/spring 2012
Versus spring/summer 2012

Another trend that's been sticking around is the clashing patterns trend. Go hog wild with your prints this summer!

Miu Miu spring/summer 2012

And, of course, Krystal has a great selection of garments that are suitable for the summertime! Have a peek!

Here is a gorgeous bright top from our own collection! The Hamptons Top is 100% knit silk noil, features a 1/2 sleeve with shoulder cut-out and a long hip-length body, and is $158.

If you want to look classy while wearing shorts, the Short Slacks are right for you. At $130, these bottoms are made of 100% wool crepe with linen front-pocket lining. They feature pleated front and back, 2 front pockets, standard pant-fly and contemporary length and fit for comfort and style.

For the working woman, this 100% silk jacket features a luxury Indian silk body, 2 front cotton-lining pockets, 2 Back Pockets, classic pant-fly.The cost of this number is $190.

The Tank, $98, is the perfect way to stay cool while also staying trendy. You can never go wrong with lace!

This blog post was able to happen thanks to Glamour MagazineVogue, and The Clothes Muse.

Thanks for reading, and happy summer!


Tessa, the intern.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer is approaching, you know what that means...

Swimsuit season is just around the corner! While people are already getting into their bikinis and heading down to the beach, let's see what's in store for this summer - which is less than a month away! What's more, one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis are making their way back to popularity, which are more favorable options for those who are body-conscious. 

One trend this summer is color contrasting, primarily black and white. Make a statement on the sands this summer with these profound prints.

Obadash, $295
Gucci, $750

Tummy-conscious ladies, rejoice! Another trend that was hot on the runway was architectural one-pieces - a "high-brow" way to display curves, according to Harper's Bazaar. 

Zero + Maria Cornejo
Jets, $366
Eclairee, $320

Here's an interesting one - knit bathing suits are in style this season. Kerry Pieri from Harper's Bazaar states that this trend is "A sexy nod to retro crochet done up for the modern surfer girl."


Anthropologie, $78 per piece

Ralph Lauren, $115

For those who love whimsy, you'll adore this trend: pattern mania! Mixed artsy prints will be spotted at poolsides everywhere.

Suno, $321

Giejo, $184

Victoria's Secret, $111

This blog post was able to happen thanks to Harper's Bazaar!

Thanks for reading and happy swimming!

- Tessa (the intern)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jeremy Scott: Quirky Fashion for Top Celebrities

Maybe you've heard the name "Jeremy Scott" before - maybe you haven't. Either way, his quirky designs and fun outfits have graced the runways since spring and summer 2005. His most recognized work is for Adidas, which features items such as sneakers with angel wings and animal hoodies. All kinds of celebrities wear his garments, from Madonna to Bjork, to Beyonce to Christina Aguilera, and even Miss Piggy.

His personal work.

His creation - among many others - for Adidas.

Nicki Minaj and the designer himself.
Giselle in one of his swimwear designs.
Fun, but do they obstruct vision?
As a lover of bright colors and quirky things, I am in love with these sneakers.
Scott is off-the-beaten-path when it comes to his prints.
These are pretty much pictures of things I want but will never have.
More runway.
Models in Scott's work for Adidas.
From his Fall/Winter 2012 line.
Scott with Lindsay Lohan and Snoop Dogg
Fall/Winter 2012 at New York Frashion Week
Seeking some inspiration from a certain loved and well-known cartoon.
He has even designed phone cases!
If you see a model with funky hair and vivid eye makeup like this, you can probably assume that model is wearing Jeremy Scott.
Backstage at one of his fashion shows.
Not something you see on runways very often.
Nor this. Digging those pants!
Lindsay Lohan in Jeremy Scott.
Model Sebastian Suave backstage.
The designer in his own work.
This blog post was able to happen thanks to Jeremy Scott's website and tumblr!

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- Tessa, the intern